We’re moving away from routine workplace talks, and yawning through recycled information. A paradigm shift is happening, it’s time to approach well being differently. Drawing from neuroscience and psychology, we offer science-backed workshops. Employees leave equipped with powerful concepts that challenge outdated assumptions about stress and burnout.


Approaches to support mental well-being of staff (2018)


What makes us different to others?


People love evidence.

We draw from neuroscience and psychology to provide the latest research on the power of neuroplasticity.


Stress is everywhere in 2019.

We have uncovered the mechanics behind stress and the wider negative effect it has on both our physical and mental health.


Communication is key.

Incorporating elements of NLP, we aim to greatly enhance relationships and performance within your workplace teams.


More than just green smoothies.

We explore important elements of mental, physical and spiritual health that have previously been left out of the picture.


Workshop Options.


Re-wire 50.

The most popular option, designed for workplaces who need to maximise their time. Packaged into a 50 minute session, we empower your team with a toolkit of strategies to tackle stress and thrive - both at work and at home.

Half Day.

Our half day workshop covers skills we were never taught in school; dealing with other people, understanding stress and anxiety and utilising our brain. Delivered in an interactive seminar style, your team will walk away with actionable strategies and a new perspective on health.


About us.

I collaborate my workplace presentations with Bianca Smeekes who is based in Christchurch. For enquiries for workplaces over 100 staff, we work together. We tailor our approach to suit your organisational needs, creating bespoke programs across New Zealand. For enquiries over 100+ employees, we collaborate.


“I really enjoyed the workshop that I attended in Wellington. It was presented in a clear and easy to follow way. I left the evening recognizing things that i do subconsciously and felt empowered and motivated to change my language and programming” - Ruth Parnell


Contact me.

If you have any questions about how to manage your condition please see through my list of tools to use to combat anxieties. Also follow me on my Instagram to stay up to date with my events.


Individual Coaching.

Need a coach and mentor to guide you with some stuff that you’ve got going on? Want to be the happiest, healthiest and best version of yourself that you can possibly be but feel like there’s something not quite right?