Libby Rainger.

Masters in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip Clin), qualified yoga teacher, life coach and student of nutrition.


I’m Libby!

I started The Wellness Platform in 2017 as simply a platform, to start running courses, working with clients and to build on all things wellness. From a young age, I was always very interested in all things health and the mind-body connection. When addressing our health and happiness, I do love a good bit of balance and I think we need to look at all areas of our life. A huge factor, living in 2019 is stress and I love to teach about the effects of stress and simple concepts on how to rewire our brains and bodies for better health and a calmer life!

I studied at the Phil Parker Institute in London in 2015 and graduated from there with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching. I’ve been running courses and talks across New Zealand and Australia ever since. Last year, I decided to travel a bit more and complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training with the school of Embodied Flow in Indonesia. I think that it aligned nicely with what I love to teach about the autonomic nervous system (stress) and releasing stored tension from the body. At the end of last year, I took on a role to create and implement a wellness tent at Rhythm and Vines music festival, with a focus on mindfulness, health and relaxation. 

I love all elements of wellness and health, whether that looks like presenting one of my workshops to corporates for a calmer workplace, coaching one on one with clients or putting together wellness events. I’m also a student at the Naturopathic College of NZ studying health science and am excited to be able to offer nutrition services soon as well.

I am so passionate about passing on the learnings and skills that I have picked up over the years. I have worked with a huge range of conditions and ages. I enjoy both one-to one work and also LOVE public speaking. My goal is to bring vibrance and energy when presenting these cutting edge concepts and I am constantly expanding my knowledge of the what wellness means to me.

Get in touch, I’d love to work with you!