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The Wellness Platform offers health and wellbeing services with a focus on the power of the brain and body connection. Fully accredited, offering training, workshops and focus groups to companies and individuals across New Zealand and Australia.


Upcoming course dates:

Sydney: 15th, 16th, 17th July
One-to-ones as requested.


Event Dates
The Missing Link
Hawkes Bay -
1st August


The Lightning Process


The Lightning Process was designed to assist people who are physically or mentally ‘stuck’ somewhere in their lives. A ‘typical’ client often comes to the Lightning Process for symptoms such as CFS (chronic fatigue), depression, CRPS, migraines, insomnia, POTS, anxiety, IBS, stress, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and burnout. It is a life-changing interactive three day training program. It isn’t vigorous or physically demanding and can be tailored to meet individual capabilities.

It uses a series of simple movements and mental exercises, to tap into the mind and body connection. These tools can be used to help break down negative, destructive pathways and rebuild positive mind-body connections. By doing this, the process aims to bring about lasting change in the way your nervous system works and your overall health. People report remarkable improvements to their health and well-being through using the simple and powerful techniques they are taught over the three days. The three day seminar is an interactive training program. In the 3 day course you will learn about:

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We incorporate concepts from neuro-plasticity, life coaching, mindfulness and the power of beliefs. Beliefs can often be subconscious and closely linked with health. It is about recognising what these are and addressing them.



After struggling with these issues for a long time and having tried so many different approaches, people often assume that recovery must be difficult, slow, painful or impossible. In the months after the course, I see clients write books, travel, have children and get back to work.



We touch on simple principles of physiology (endocrine system and neurotransmitters) and how the stress response can be affecting your health. Clients often identify with a lot of PER symptoms.



The course is done in an easy to comprehend seminar style, in small groups or even in one on one siuations. Clients are taught skills to put into practice. It is the commitment to the ongoing work that is essential for the Lightning Process.



If you were to imagine yourself sucking on a lemon, soon you might feel your mouth start to water. If someone says something that you perceive as embarrassing, you may start to blush. We talk about this on a bigger scale and discuss how to harness the mind-body connection.



All of the above all combined help to explain the series of simple steps that make up the process. This process helps you to retrain your neural pathways consistently to make a huge impact on your health.


Testimonial - Katie
Katie came to Libby with Chronic Fatigue in early 2018. Today she no longer considers herself ill.

Neuroplasticity made simple Phil Parker
An overview of how Neuroplasticity works within the brain, presented by Phil Parker - inventor of the lightning process.

Testimonial - Serena
Libby travelled to Australia to work with Serena in her home. She was dealing with CRPS specifically in her stomach. She is now back at school and healthy.


*Post application, Libby will be in contact via phone call for further discussion regarding acceptance into a lightning process course.


Interested in Yoga? 

Libby offers community, koha yoga in the heart of Wellington. Follow @the_wellnessplatform on Instagram for up to date updates every Sunday. She also offers one-on-one classes in home or to small groups. Get in touch if you’re having a girls night or just wanting a regular backyard session with your friends.


Wellness Workshops


Libby draws on up to date research, combined with NLP, psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience in this unique, wellbeing workshop for the work place. Gone are the days of ‘five plus a day and drink more water’ workshops for corporates. We are in 2019 and New Zealanders are reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever before. The wellness workshops for corporates educate and empower employees to take control of their stress and unleash their potential.


Facilitating group courses for over two years, Libby is a confident presenter who enjoys working with people.


Your staff will finish the workshop feeling inspired and equipped to rewire stress neural pathways in the body.


Each workshop can be catered to the individual needs of the workplace. Big or small space - no problem!


*Please provide details of how many people are in your organisation when applying.