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“The Lightning Process has changed my life and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to attend the course.”

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Came to the Lightning Process for Chronic Pain.

"The first Lightning process session I attended, I was sitting on the floor, unable to stand or talk much from intense pain. By the third session, I was sitting on the chair, getting up and doing the process and having a great time! The Lightning Process has changed my life and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to attend the course. I still use the process and see results and I can't believe the changes to my health.”



"Libby was absolutely amazing to work with. She was kind, understanding and empathetic. She has been an amazing coach, and the follow up emails and calls have been really helpful. We travelled from Tauranga to Wellington for the course, and I'm so glad we did. I would recommend Libby wholeheartedly!"

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Came to the Lightning Process for Anorexia.

"I took the Lightning Process course to give me the tools I needed to work through an eating disorder. I found it a really enjoyable experience - I learned a lot and noticed huge changes in myself even after the first day. My friends and family have noticed since the course ended that I've been calmer than I have in years. My colleagues have commented that I have more energy and spark, and I've been sleeping so much better.”



"Thanks to the Lightning Process I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and have complete faith that before too long I'll be recovered, and living a life I love. Working with Libby was great, I'd recommend her course to everyone (and already have). She was so friendly and personable, and I felt completely at ease sharing my thoughts, feelings, and achievements. There was no judgement, only support and positivity."

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Came to the Lightning Process for Chronic pain & PTSD.

"I'm on day 6 after the training and I now feel energised, that anything is possible, that bones and muscles ligaments brains bloods are all connected. I feel excited by Life I trust in myself and the process."


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Came to the Lightning Process for Chronic Fatigue.

"One of the best decisions I've ever made was to go on the Lightning Process course, it has gotten me unstuck in my fatigue so that every week I feel better than the last and can apply the techniques to anything, I am so grateful to Libby that she taught me how to start gaining back my life and sustain my health :) I wish everyone would use the techniques."


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Came to the Lightning Process for Post viral syndrome / chronic fatigue.

“The Lightening Process is a tool that I can use for life in so many different ways. It helped me access so much energy and really reduced my anxiety and stress response over the two months following the training. I continue to use the process every day and am moving closer and closer to the life I love.”



"Libby was a very patient and compassionate teacher and she made herself very available following the course so I felt supported. I highly recommend Libby and the Lightening Process, particularly for chronic fatigue sufferers."

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Came to the Lightning Process for developing my ability to change states.

“The three days I spent working with Libby was powerful. Her clarity in explaining the process combined with her friendly nature made these three days an awesome experience. We were taught how to implement the process in a variety of situations. The process is simple, the results for many people are impressive.”



"Libby was excellent. Passionate, clear, confident and with a genuine interest in seeing her clients change. If you're trying to decide who to do the course with, Libby is your girl."

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Came to the Lightning Process for ME/CFS.

“Libby came to my home, since I had been housebound with ME/CFS (Central Sensitisation) for some years, and over three mornings I undertook the training. It was really enjoyable going through the training, and like the pre-course audio I'd done, the content made a great deal of sense to me and resonated with my experience of serious ill health. I was still very uncertain about whether the process would work for me, and it wasn't until the end of the second day - when I had the full picture of the Process and started using it - that I started to sense that something felt different in my body. It was like a little light switching on somewhere inside my nervous system - very subtle, but something was definitely changed. I was surprised and somewhat stunned, but over the coming weeks and months, I kept using the process, and gradually that little tiny light became stronger and stronger. After three months, I was no longer resting during the day, I was cooking meals, reading books, spending lots of time outside, clearing out boxes in the shed, talking for hours on the phone to friends, and while I was still working on restoring my body's strength and conditioning, I no longer felt tired. At six months, I am walking around the block nearly every day, spending time in the local park, am able to attend appointments and go on short drives, socialise for hours (have friends over for dinner), stay up late, sing and dance to music, do 25m yoga sessions in the lounge, cook, tidy, write, and every week I am gradually getting stronger and stronger. It's really so incredible and remarkable. After reading further about neuroplasticity, I've come to understand and appreciate the Lightning Process even more. I'm just so thankful to have found a tool that gives me an 'in' to the way my brain and body are wired so I can positively influence this, and heal the systems that were wired all wrong for so long, and recover my health and vitality.”



"Libby was fantastic to work with. She really understood my situation, my mixed feelings of curiosity and apprehension, and guided me gently through the training. She was an excellent listener and displayed compassion and empathy. She explained things clearly, and gave a framework for us both to work towards together on each day of the training which I really appreciated. This helped me feel I was in good, professional hands and could focus on learning. She offered encouragement and reassurance without platitudes. She was respectful, caring and a pleasure to work with. Libby was especially great in helping me feel no pressures or expectations at the completion of the training, but to trust the process, trust and listen to my body, and go with it. She's been a great support after the training too, discussing my progress and goals, and helping me feel more and more confident in the changes I'm making and the future that is now looking possible thanks to the Lightning Process."

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Came to the Lightning Process for fatigue and anxiety.

“What I didn’t realize is just how much my fatigue was due to bad habits and pathways in my brain. since using the lighting process I have gained control and have got my life back and have energy again and my focus is on the life I love.”



"Libby was great, she knew the process well, and was very professional and answered all my questions"

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