Meet Libby.

From completing graduate study, travelling the world, and opening her own business, Libby has packed away plenty of life experience. A fully qualified practitioner in the Lightning Process, Libby graduated from the Phil Parker Institute with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Life Coaching. Bursting with vibrant energy, Libby is full of enthusiasm to assist individuals and utilize the training she has received in order to teach others the Lightning Process.

Passing on the skills she has learnt in order to help individuals manage stress and alleviate pain, tension and anxiety is something she’s very passionate about. Libby is happy to have the support of mentors such as Phil Parker, and a network of international practitioners in the Lightning Process backing her practice.

Libby is also a practising yoga teacher, having recently completed a 200 hour teacher training in Indonesia. In both yoga and running trainings, Libby is working in, she is a refreshing young energy, who is open and authentic.

The Wellness Platform is exactly ‘a platform’. A starting place that will expand and continuing to pull together all of Libby's favourite health practices into one place.